This is an optimal category of clients for professional work with StimulTest on an ongoing basis.

Описание принципа работы системы StimulTest

Personal account

Registration in the system independently or with the help of a Dealer.
Download and install the StimulTest-client programme on your own.
Management of respondents, users/groups of respondents, users.
Independent creation of personal tests.
Assistance in the creation of personal tests for respondents and users.
All kinds of tests passed by respondents on site or remotely.
Qualified interpretation of test results.

Prices and payment rules

StimulTest-client programme:
Demonstration tests:
Standard, personal tests:
Tests 1 – 100 pcs:
Tests 100 – 1000 pcs:
Payment for tests:
free of charge;
by agreement with a discount of 30%
by agreement with a discount of 40%
via the payment system

Methodology / Results

Compliance with the research methodology independently.
Carrying out a testing procedure independently.
An option of standard interpretation of the test results in the personal account.
Professional interpretation of the results independently.
Comparative analysis of test results independently.
Methodical support for free with the help of an expert.

Methodology and Results
Precision of the technology StimulTest

Precision of the technology

12000+ tests within 7+ years of testing prove the accuracy of the results:
1. Standard tests (without individualisation) 65 - 75%;
2. Group tests (partial individualisation) 75 - 85%;
3. Personal tests (complete individualisation) 85 - 95%.

ATTENTION! Without compliance with the research methodology, the accuracy of the results is significantly reduced.

Road map

Take demo tests
Register a personal account in the system
Train for a specialist
Create a test for the specific situation
Find out an attitude of people’s to the specifics of the situation
Get the result of people's attitudes to the specifics of the situation
Professionally interpret the result
Make the best decision on the specifics of the situation

  • free of charge
    from 5 minutes
  • for free
    from 5 minutes
  • € 500
    from 5 days;
  • for free
    from 30 minutes
  • for free
    from 10 minutes
  • for free
    from 1 minute
  • for free
    from 30 minutes
  • priceless
    depends on a situation


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