Online testing system of the subconscious

StimulTest is designed to identify person’s true attitude to any phenomenon, deed or person. The system solves tasks in determining reliability, predictability, true motives and predicting behaviour.

Описание принципа работы системы StimulTest

Principle of StimulTest functionality

The subconscious of a person that cannot lie is explored. All test stimuli are carefully masked. In the process of testing, it is enough to press one button on the keyboard or mouse each time a masked phrase or photo appears on the screen.

One’s attitude to the stimuli is determined by a speed of their reaction (under stress a reaction accelerates or slows down reflexively). The result is automatically calculated on the server and immediately provided in your personal account.

Price plans for using the system

You may conduct research on the "Test", "Annual" or "Autonomous" price plans depending on the planned workload. If you are planning to conduct a small number of tests, it is best for you to buy tests one by one or in bulk. To conduct a large number of studies on an ongoing basis, it is recommended to use a standalone server with qualified specialists and service support.


  • up to 1 000 tests
  • buying tests or packages
  • our specialist
  • methodical support 3 month
  • data storage on StimulTest server


  • up to 10 000 tests
  • buying tests or packages
  • our or your specialist
  • methodical support up to 1 year
  • data storage on StimulTest server


  • from 10 000 tests per year
  • buying your server
  • your specialists
  • methodical support up to 3 years
  • data storage on your private servere

Scientific research behind StimulTest

The technology is safe for one’s physical and mental health. There have been no negative consequences of this technology application throughout 7 years of observation.

The uniqueness of the technology is confirmed by a patent for the utility model. Certificates of conformity confirm the quality of the system functionality.

More than 5,000 objective results indicate the accuracy of the tests. The use of artificial intelligence technology allows us to constantly improve the model and quality of test results.

Scientific research behind StimulTest

System’s advantages

StimulTest, a scientifically proven online technology, allows you to explore a human subconscious effectively, quickly and accurately, provide objective results and reliably store all the information.



The study allows to get the most accurate data because the subconscious is always true. One cannot distort the results on purpose. Efficiency is confirmed by 1000+ tests in various fields in the last 7 years in 10+ countries.



The study duration is 10-15 minutes anytime, anywhere, from any PC. Data calculation and results provision in 3-10 seconds. A study of a large number of people with a comparative analysis of all the results.



There are no additional costs for the purchase of special equipment, software, for commute to a place of testing. Any computer connected to the Internet is required.



During the study one clicks a button of the keyboard. Test can be carried out locally and remotely (overlooked by a specialist or over Skype). Periodical research using the same tests without compromising the quality of the results is possible.



The technology considers individual characteristics of each person before the start of the test. You may create personal and group tests in different languages, in any area of interest, with a various list of research topics and questions.



No personal data is required. All data is encrypted in the process of transferring it from the personal account to the server and back (confirmed by a certificate). If necessary, all data can be stored on a standalone server.

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