The most relevant area of ​​psychology where the application of StimulTest is most effective is conflictology. The main problem of the objectivity of the psychological research results is that people answer test questions consciously.

At the same time, it is common for a person to form their own opinion and make decisions subconsciously, based on their personal experience and a large number of factors that they are not aware of. StimulTest does not have this problem because it explores people's subconscious attitude towards what interests a psychologist or a person themselves.

Advantages of StimulTest in Psychology

Advantages of StimulTest in Psychology

Creation of group and personal tests in problem areas.
There is no way to realize test questions and give false answers.
Testing is easy (no need to provide right answers).
The study procedure does not bore (duration is no more than 25 minutes).
Repeated testing is possible without degrading the results.
Psychologists can not distort the test results (automatic calculation).
At the same time you can explore a lot of people in different places.
Investigation of subjective and objective attitude during one test.

Practical advantages of the system

A long-term track record of using StimulTest in psychology to resolve conflict situations has shown the reliability of more than 85%. Techniques, effective in conflicts at work, in the family, as well as in intrapersonal conflicts were developed and practically tested.

StimulTest customer preferences

 • Test preparation time 30 - 60 minutes;
 • Testing time 10 - 20 minutes;
 • At the same time a specialist can conduct 10 - 20 tests;
 • Time for analyzing test results 20 - 30 minutes;
 • The price of one test is €8 – 15.
 • Provision of personal data is not required.
 • Guaranteed privacy on a standalone server.

In terms of "time-price-quality" ratio, StimulTest is a leader in the field of objective assessment of the reliability of information.

StimulTest customer preferences

Roadmap for the implementation

Take the demo tests
Register a personal account in the system
Choose a specialist according to the specifics of the situation
Create a test ccording to the specifics of the situation with the help of a specialist
Find out one’s attitude to the specifics of the situation
Obtain the result of one’s attitude to the specifics of the situation
Obtain specialist’s professional opinion about the results
Make the best decision on the specifics of the situation

  • for free
    from 5 minutes
  • for free
    from 5 minutes
  • for free
    from 5 minutes
  • from €30
    from 30 minutes
  • for free
    from 30 minutes
  • from €15
    from 1 minutes
  • from €30
    from 1 minutes
  • priceless
    on the situation

Examples of an effective use


A true attitude of each employee to all team members has been established. A team of like-minded people was formed, headed by a true leader.


Unconscious causes of the conflict between the father and the daughter, which was neutralized as a result of the emphasis of both on the positive and neutralizing the negative effects were revealed.


Psychological causes of overweight problems and smoking of a middle-aged woman were determined. After 6 months of therapy, the woman quit smoking and her weight dropped to normal.


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