The relevance of technology

Nowadays most psychologists, as a rule, investigate the human mind, which significantly reduces the accuracy of their results. It is no secret that it is the human mind that generates a lie - the distortion of information for personal security.

At the same time, a person’s subconscious determines the behaviour of a person, their actions, decision-making every day and generally for many years of life. That is why scientists seek to create technologies that explore the human subconscious. There are already several technologies of this type created in the world, which, unfortunately, have low practical efficiency, due to their high costs and / or locality, which does not allow for a massive application of the achievements of science for most people in need.

Forerunners of the technology

In the course of testing, masked questions (stimuli) are presented on the computer screen. Each question must be answered by clicking on the same computer button. The answer must occur within up to one second. After each answer, the next test question is presented. Significance (importance) of the test questions is determined by the speed of response (time of pressing the button).

Academician A.R. Luria
A.R. Luria
Studies of Motor Associative
“Diagnosis of affect traces”
Academician I.V. Smirnov
I.V. Smirnov
Studies of Micromotor
Doctor of Medical Sciences E.A. Kostandov
Doctor of Medical Sciences
E.A. Kostandov
Research of Unconscious Perception
"Psychophysiology of consciousness
and unconscious"
The history of StimulTest technology creation

The history of the creation of StimulTest technology

A doctor-psychophysiologist Alexey Dubrovsky is an author and developer of the technology.
The prototype technology was being created from 2006 to 2008.
An experimental version in the form of an online system was being created from 2008 to 2010.
12000 + experimental studies were conducted from 2010 to 2016.
Methods of application in various directions were developed from 2012 to 2018.
The first version of the StimulTest system was created in 2016.
The second commercial version of the StimulTest system was created in 2018.

Specificity of technology

The study of a subconscious attitude of a person to everything that needs to be known.
Simultaneous testing of a large number of people anywhere, anytime.
Creation of personal tests taking into account individual characteristics of a person.
In each test there is an adjustment to the individual characteristics of the person.
Ability to research people that cannot read or speak other languages.
Optimisation of the testing procedure for maximum comfort during the study.
Scientifically based and practically approved research methods.
Artificial intelligence technology helps get the most accurate results.
The use of the BIG DATA technology to identify individual specific response.

Specificity of technology
Information protection

Information protection

Protection of the site and personal client accounts is confirmed by a cryptographic certificate.
The transfer of information from personal accounts to the server and back occurs in an encrypted form.
Access to each personal account by personal login and password.
Security of the client programme is confirmed by a cryptographic certificate.
Mandatory personification of people is not needed for testing in the system.
Testing procedure begins only after a confirmation of the voluntary consent of a person.
Test results can be exported, copied, deleted from the system.
The use of a standalone server to protect state, military and commercial secrets.
Multi-level anti-hacking system.

Precision of the technology

7+ years of approbation and 12000+ tests testify to the accuracy of the research results:
1. Standard tests (without individualisation) 65 - 75%;
2. Group tests (partial individualisation) 75 - 85%;
3. Personal tests (complete individualisation) 85 - 95%.

All statistical data were confirmed only by objective facts, delayed from the results of research from 1 day to 7 years.

In order not to mislead ourselves and customers, a comparative analysis with other psychological or psychophysiological methods was not conducted because they have their own percentage of errors.

Precision of the technology

Supporting documents

Certificate of Compliance StimulTest
Certificate of Compliance
Patent for a utility model StimulTest
Patent for a utility model
Safety Statement StimulTest
Safety Statement


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